Adverbs of Frequency

adverbs of frequency

What are adverbs of frequency?

Adverbs of frequency show how often (how many times) something happens or happened. The frequency of the action ranges from 100% frequency (always) to 0% frequency (never).

The most common adverbs of frequency are:

always, usually, generally, often, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, rarely, never

How often and How many times are used to ask about frequency.


  • I always do grocery shopping at this mall.
  • They were sometimes late for geography classes.
  • We occasionally ate at this restaurant.
  • She never walks her dog in the morning.
  • How often did you present in front of a big audience when you were a student?
  • Haw many times a week do you exercise?

Position in a sentence

The position of the adverb of frequency in a sentence depends on the main verb.

When the main verb in a sentence is a full verb (not an auxiliary, and not a full verb to be), the adverb of frequency comes before the verb.

  • I sometimes play squash with my friend.
  • They rarely travel.
  • Pete usually reads in the morning.

When the main verb is a full verb to be, the adverb of frequency comes after the verb to be.

  • I was always worried about my test results when I was at school.
  • Summer is usually the hottest in my city.
  • We are seldom happy with the service at this restaurant.

When the verb has one or more auxiliaries in addition to the main verb, the adverb of frequency usually comes after the first auxiliary.

  • I have never ridden a horse.
  • She has always been interested in graphic design.
  • He would never have been able to continue without your support.

Other expressions of frequency

These expressions can also be used to express frequency. They give more specific details about how many times something happens or happened in a specific period of time.

   every day or daily

   every week or weekly

   every month or monthly

   every year or yearly / annually

   once a week / twice a monththree times  a year , etc.


  •    She sends many email every day.
  •    We play football every week.
  •    He pays the house rent monthly.
  •    They travel abroad every year.
  •    I visit my grandparents once a week.
  •    I swim five times a month

Time to practice!

How often do you do these things?

   – go to the gym

   – eat out with friends

   – visit grandparents

   – shop online

   – buy a new book

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