Google Slides for Teachers

Ready-made Google Slides for teachers

Make your copy and edit as you go!


Google Slides are widely used in the classroom these days. They can provide an attractive and interactive teaching aid.  Google slides can be shared with students in an online class or for autonomous study. The teacher can choose to allow students to edit the slides, to restrict their role to “view only,” or to allow them to make their own copies. 

Here is a list of free editable ready-made Google Slides for teachers that we created to assist busy teachers in their lesson planning. They can be used by both ESL/EFL teachers and students. Each presentation contains explanations, example sentences, illustrations, as well as hyperlinks to related YouTube videos and exercises/worksheets. The presentations can be incorporated in the lesson plan as they contain the main points related to each subject matter.

Users can simply click on the presentation title below, and then they will be prompted to make their own copy. Teachers are free to edit as per their class needs.

The list is regularly updated with new presentations.

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List of presentations:

  1. Active Voice and Passive Voice
  2. Adverbs of Frequency
  3. Articles (the / a / an)
  4. Auxiliary Verbs
  5. Comparative & Superlative
  6. Expressions of Purpose
  7. Future Simple Tense
  8. If Clauses
  9. Past Continuous Tense
  10. Past Simple Tense
  11. Phrasal Verbs
  12. Prepositions
  13. Present Continuous Tense
  14. Present Perfect Tense
  15. Present Simple Tense
  16. Pronouns
  17. Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns


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