Questions Quiz 1

Try this quiz to test your understanding of question forms.

Choose the best options to complete the questions in the following conversations.


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#1. A: ----- bag is this? B: It's Ali's.

#2. A: ----- your English? B: I'm improving my English by watching movies.

#3. A: ----- you pick up the phone? B: Because I was sleeping.

#4. A: ----- you usually spend your summer vacations? B: In the mountains.

#5. A: ----- any vacation plans? B: Yes, I have.

#6. A: ----- we go for a walk? B: Good idea!

#7. A: ----- you when they were in New York? B: No, they didn't.

#8. A: ----- living here? B: For about two years.

#9. A: ----- the houses? B: The earthquake.

#10. A: ----- fix my phone? B: You can fix your phone at the electronics shop.

#11. A: ----- like fish? B: Yes, I do, but I'm not hungry now.

#12. A: ----- they change their business logo? B: Yes, they did.

#13. A: ----- is going to meet them at the airport? B: Jim is going to meet them.

#14. A: ----- your school principal? B: She's Ms. Carmen.

#15. A: ----- is your school from your house? B: About 500 meters.

#16. A: ----- for dinner? B: I had chicken pizza and salad.

#17. A: ----- was helping you with the project? B: Paul and Sue.

#18. A: ----- I buy a round-trip ticket? B: Because it's cheaper.

#19. A: ----- you financially during your study? B: My parents.

#20. A: ----- sport do you watch? B: Basketball.