How do you spell three

1st, 2d, 3rd, 4th, twenty first, 22nd, 33rd

These numbers are referred to as ordinal numbers.

Why will we spell 1st, 2d, 3rd, 4th like this?
Where do the letters come from?

In this lesson, we`re searching on the spelling of ordinal numbers and some policies.

1st = first (She received first prize.)
2d = second (I stay at the 2d floor.)
3rd = 1/3 (Take the 1/3 turning at the left.)
4th = fourth (It’s his fourth birthday.)
fifth = fifth (This is the fifth time I’ve taken my using test.)

We want to put in writing those ordinal numbers in phrases in formal writing – business, activity applications, etc. But it is OK to put in writing them in numbers (1st, 2d, 3rd…) in casual writing to friends, colleagues, social media comments, etc.

Look at those and note the final letters of the phrases
1st = first
2d = second
3rd = 1/3
4th = fourth
fifth =fifth

Can you notice the final letters of the phrases make up the ordinal number?
first – final letters are ‘st’ so placed after 1 = 1st
second – final letters are ‘nd’ placed after 2 = 2d
1/3 – final letters are ‘rd’ so placed after 3 = 3rd
4th – final letters are ‘th’ so placed after 4 = 4th

We simply add ‘th’ to youngsterager numbers:
14th = fourteenth (fourteen + th)
15th = 15th (It’s her 15th birthday.)
16th = sixteenth
17th = seventeenth
18th = eighteenth
19th = nineteenth

Hyphens for Normal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers from 21 upwards
We want a hyphen whilst we write cardinal numbers from 21 upwards. Notice there is no area among the letters and hyphen:
100 and twenty-nine
1000 hundred and thirty-one pounds

Using a hyphen additionally applies to ordinal numbers from twenty first.
twenty-first = twenty first (It’s her twenty first on Sunday.)
twenty-1/3 = 23rd
thirty-second = 32nd
thirty-1/3 = 33rd
forty-1/3 = 43rd
forty-fourth = 44th
fifty-1/3 = 53rd
fifty-fifth = 55th
sixty-fourth = 64th
sixty-sixth = 66th
seventy-eighth = 78th
seventy-seventh = 77th
eighty-second = 82nd
eighty-eighth = 88th
90-ninth = 99th
hundred and twenty-first = 221st
Remember, no area among hyphen and phrases.

Spelling policies with entire numbers – 20th, 30th, fortieth…
20th = 20th We have twenty and alternate the ‘y’ to ‘ie’ and add ‘th’ = 20th (My birthday is at the 20th)
30th = 30th (It’s her 30th birthday.)
fortieth = fortieth (It’s my fortieth birthday tomorrow.)
50th = fiftieth
60th = sixtieth
70th = seventieth
80th = eightieth
90th = ninetieth

In lengthy numbers, ‘th’ is delivered to the final number:
106th = 100 and sixth
242nd = hundred and forty-second
2018th = thousand and eighteenth

four, fourteen, forty (drop the u) and fourth, fourteenth, fortieth

five, fifteen, fifty and fifth, 15th, fiftieth ( the ‘f’ facilitates pronunciation)

nine, nineteen, 90 however ninth (drop the ‘e’), nineteenth, ninetieth (preserve the `e`)

twelve however twelfth (Notice the ‘v’ becomes ‘f’)