Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns Quiz

Try this quiz to test your understanding of relative clauses and relative pronouns.

Choose the sentence that best combines each of the following pairs of sentences.


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#1. I will introduce you to the woman. I work with her.

#2. He works in a factory. The factory manufactures furniture.

#3. I love movies. They have complex plots.

#4. We met Mr. Larry. He is our team leader.

#5. He was a famous artist. He drew many impressive paintings.

#6. When are you going to fix the chairs? The chairs are in the basement.

#7. The restaurant was amazing. We had dinner at the restaurant last night.

#8. I forgot the name of the store. I had bought my phone from it.

#9. This is the kitchen set toy. I want to buy it for my daughter.

#10. They want to move to a house. Its rooms are large enough.

#11. We met the journalist. He wrote this report.

#12. The teacher has resigned. He used to teach me physics.

#13. This is the book. I have read it several times.

#14. The guide speaks five languages. She took us around the city.

#15. They live in Berlin. It is the capital of Germany.