Passive Voice of Past Simple Quiz

Try this quiz to test your mastery of the passive voice in the past simple tense

Change these active sentences to the passive voice. Make sure you start the sentence with a capital letter and finish it with a full-stop or question mark.


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#1. Google introduced two new services last month.

#2. They painted the walls two days ago.

#3. A bee stung the baby.

#4. Rayan employed ten Chinese workers.

#5. She booked two seats.

#6. Did they sell the old car?

#7. Someone broke my glasses.

#8. They did not explain the new instructions.

#9. They built a new house.

#10. Did they produce a new movie last year?

#11. Luna made a nice chocolate cake.

#12. No one helped me.

#13. Jan ate your pizza.

#14. Lego sold toys.

#15. Last night, my friend Sami called me twice.

#16. My son washed my car last Thursday.